Spirit Island Panorama

This photo of Spirit Island was taken by Steven Mancino Photography. Steven has posted a nature few photos available for purchase in the Outdoor Photography Canada store. Purchase out this Spirit Island photo and others in our store


Spirit Island is a famous landmark in the Canadian Rockies, located about an hour southeast of Jasper, AB. Spirit Island is an enchanting location that has a strong spiritual significance to the Stoney Nakoda first nation.

This location has been immortalized in many photos. This photo provides a great contrast between the mountain tops in the background and water in the front.


This photo is composed of 6 individual compositions, each taken at three different exposures, and then stitched to result in the panorama. This process helps bring out the rich color palette of the scene and conveys the sense of serenity felt when visiting Spirit Island.


The photos were taken at 18mm lens on an Advanced Photo System type-C (APS-C) camera body at f/10. If you are new to photography, you should consider our tutorial for beginners.


Steven is based out of Alberta. He has produced several breathtaking photos and has written a few articles for the site. Learn more on Steven Mancino’s Photograph Profile

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