Submission Guidelines

We invite Canadians to submit their photography services and articles to our directory. We also hope you will participate in our forums. This page outlines the rules for submitting content to these various sections

Directory Submission

Our directory features Canadian photographers offering services throughout the country. Add your listing to our directory today for free.

Directory Submission Rules

Note the following rules:

  • Your service must be based in Canada
  • You should consider providing a specific address
    • City, State, & Country are required fields
  • Enter Availability info to get bookings
  • Photos uploaded should be 700PX X 550PX
  • All booking rates must be above minimum wage in your region

Bookings & Payments

If interested in accepting bookings on this website, you can. You set the price of your time. This website takes 15% of ALL bookings. The remainder is passed onto the photographer at the end of the billing period following the booking date.

Billing periods occur once per month. Payments are held until the date of the booking. Then the payment is entered into the following billing period, to be sent to the photographer.

Sell Your Photographs

If interested, you can contact our team with Canadian outdoor photos that you would like to sell. Our team will review them and if chosen, list your photos for sale in our store. Photographer is paid 50% of profits once per month.


We are currently working on a feature to allow photographers to sell packages. We understand that this is the best way to pass along discounts to end users and reflects how many studios do business today. This option will show up in your account when it’s available.

Article Submissions

Share your knowledge with the community. Community members like to read about Canadian photos including techniques, equipment, location, awards, and the general thought process behind the photos. We are excited to see and hear what you know about photography. Note the following rules:

  • You must have a live free profile. All of your published posts will be linked to your profile.
  • You must own all images, or you must have a transferable license, so we are allowed to host it. By uploading any image, you transfer an irrevocable usage license to (and Beyond Programs Ltd) for the image.
  • Articles must have no more than 2 outbound links
  • The content must be a minimum of 500 words
  • No offensive or exclusionary language
  • The article must be unique
  • The article must be in English