Discovering Canada — Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (For a sneak peek click here)

Cape Breton Island is a large island at the north end of Nova Scotia in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s joined to mainland Nova Scotia via the Canso Causeway. It rises in elevation from the south end to the north end, culminating in the Highlands Plateau. Towards the centre of Cape Breton is one of the larger salt water lakes in the world, Bras d’Or Lake. Cape Breton is composed of rocky shores, rolling farmland, glacial valleys, barren headlands, mountains, woods and plateaus.

The Cabot Trail is one of my favourite drives in all of Canada. Named after the explorer John Cabot, who sailed along this coast in 1497, this stretch of highway is regarded by many as one of the most scenic and breathtaking drives in the world. In fact, the inventor and local summer resident, Alexander Graham Bell, once said: “I have travelled around the globe. I have seen the Canadian and American Rockies, the Andes, the Alps and the Highlands of Scotland, but for simple beauty, Cape Breton out rivals them all.” For more information on driving down the famous peninsula or how you can visit here please contact us today!

The Cabot Trail runs 298 km along the northern tip of Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island and passes through …

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